A satin touch and a smooth, lightly textured material. It has the aspect of smooth calfskin leather, is made in Italy from recycled microfibers (used bootles) and solvent free polyurethane, guaranteed free of phthalates and toxic additives. Resistant, breathable, it is designed for the creation of quality products that are beautiful and wear resistant. 



Its touch and aspect are similar to suede, but it offers better resistance to water and stains. The suede materials used for Alixane bags bring the chic touch we love ! Durable and velvety, it also comes from Italy, where it is made from microfiber. It has an elegant aspect of two materials.



The suede materials used for lining is durable and velvety, it is made from recycled microfiber. We have selected a sand colour that lets you find everything in your bag at a glance. A pure and elegant colour, that provides each creation with the refinement of an exceptional piece.


This iconic piece represents a leaf of the Ginkgo Biloba, a thousand year old tree, symbol of longevity. Because leather is synonymous with durability in the collective imagination, Alixane creations are a successful example of quality and refinement without using leather. Alixane bags are entirely vegan, and the Martindale test indicates an abrasion close to that of full-grain leather. Innovative and eco-labelled materials, environement friendly, with no cruelty to animals.

Ring made of Zamak (metal alloy), entirely recyclable and guaranteed free of heavy metals